MuLV is designed to be the world's smallest orbital launch vehicle, capable of placing 350-1200 lb payloads into low earth orbit. The system is operated with a minimal ground crew and is easily transportable on its own mobile ground launcher. The MuLV uses a turbo-pump fed 30,000 lb thrust common-core booster design to lower development costs. A single motor system is designed and used for the central booster motor, with a variety of combinations of strap-on boosters of the same design. The lifting capacity is determined by this first stage configuration. The second stage is of nearly the same design as the first, but utilizes a much greater expansion ratio. As a baseline the third and final stage is a nitrous oxide hybrid that also uses the nitrous cold gas for reaction control. Alternatively, for special payload applications, a hydrogen peroxide top stage is in design.

eAc is currently doing developmental firings of a 16" diameter nitrous hybrid that will be the upper stage. These early firings have produced approximately 11,000 lbs thrust levels. The first series of nine test firings on this scale have allowed us to fine-tune the fuel grain geometry and injector design.
16-inch_firing 2.mpg

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